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Hi there, it’s Debbie Drum and Amy Harrop!

I’m sure you’ve heard more than your fair share of success stories, from people raking in massive royalties each month with self-publishing journals, low content books, printables, and more!

And yeah, it must be pretty annoying by now!

Chances are...if you are struggling to get your content out in the marketplace, or aren’t getting the results you want, you are focusing on the wrong things.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Let us guide you on the path to profitable publishing.

LOW Content Print Publishing IS the Path To Publishing Profits.

Products like:

  • Journals
  • Workbooks
  • Planners
  • And much more!

These Sell quickly and easily on a wide variety of platforms...and require little to no writing!    

Low Content Products Represent One of the Fastest-Growing Segments of Content Sales... And A Profitable Income Stream For You!

There’s Just One Problem. It Can Take Forever To Produce Each Journal!

Doing this manually could take you hours...and not to mention it's a bit boring and tedious. 

But Now, You Can Do In About 5 Minutes

Or Less...
What Used To Take Hours!

Introducting: Plug And Play Journals

Web-based: Nothing to download and works for both Mac and PC

Intuitive: You barely need directions but we do include complete training

Automated: The fast and easy way to create and publish content

Just follow this simple process:

Watch the quick demo below to see how easy it is!

Imagine Cranking Out 10 Books In An Hour Or Less?

Ethically Automate Publishable and Sellable Content!

With Plug and Play Journals you Can:

  • Crank Out Content FAST - You can put each one of these together in about 5 minutes or less.
  • Start Making Royalties - The more you have, the more money you are likely to make!
  • Tap Into The Growing demand for print - The majority of readers want print, and with Plug and Play Journals, you can easily give them what they want.
  • Get More For Your Time - When you take a manual process and automate it, you are essentially getting way more out of your time and your earning potential goes UP!
  • Profit from A Proven Popular Niche - We have taken out all of the guesswork and are giving you an easy way to publish in an in-demand and hot niche!

Here’s Everything That’s Included With Plug and Play Journals

Multiple Content Exporting Options

Plug and Play Journals gives you several options to export your content. You’ll be able to choose from:

  • Word format—which you can also open and edit in any program that supports .docx files such as Open Office.
  • PowerPoint—which you can also open and edit in any program that supports .ppt files such as Open Office.

Bulk Upload Your Content

Create even faster by bulk uploading your page content. Simply upload a list of prompts and create your book.

Save Your Projects

Even though it only takes a few minutes to create a complete journal, you can save your work and come back and finish it whenever you want to.

Auto-Insert Borders

Huge Time Saver! Simply click and insert!

Quickly create a title and introduction

You can create an introduction and instructions right inside the tool!

Quickstart Video Tutorials

You didn’t think we’d leave it up to you to figure out how Plug and Play Journals works did you?

Just watch the training and you’ll be ready to create tons of awesome low content items in absolutely no time!


No download with Mac’s and Pc’s

And That's Not All...

Bonus Journal Training and More Included:

3 Session Journal Masterclass

  • Session #1- Less Work, More Journal Sales
     We reveal the fastest and easiest ways to get more milage out of your Journals and in the hands of more buyers.
  • Session #2- The Fine Print, Getting Professional Results
    We share how to quickly and easily create professional looking journals and how to get your print settings right each and every time.
  • Session #3- Exponentially Increase Your Journal Sales, No Publishing Needed
    In this session we share one of the best strategies for getting 2-3x or more sales for each journal you publish.
  • Easy Artwork: 100 DFY Journal Borders 

    100 Borders!! 

    We are including 100+ additional borders not included in the software, for publishing and commercial use, our massive spreadsheet of free and low-cost artwork resources, PLUS complete training on how to insert and resize these borders into your journal. 
  • Done For your Journal Research 
    Top Journal Niches and Journal Keywords people are searching for right now - this is waiting for you inside. 
  • Done for Your Journal Prompts and Quote Resources
    Hundreds of quotes and proverbs you can use for your journal content - You can have journals created super fast with this DFY content! 

 Don't miss this opportunity to easily multiply your  publishing income with our 3 session training and done-for-you content

Plug and Play Journals FAQs

What is Plug and Play Journals?

Plug and Play Journals is an intuitive, cloud-based software that allows you to design publish low content journals, planners, workbooks in about five minutes or less!

Does It Work On Macs and PC's?

Yes! Plug and Play Journals is cloud based and works right in your internet browser, so you can use it on any device with an internet connection. 

Who Is This For?

Plug and Play Journals is only for people want to create income streams with content. It's perfect for...

  • Publishers and Low Content Creators
  • Authors
  • Bloggers
  • Online Marketers
  • Service Providers
  • And more!

The success strategies for building content assets are the same.

How Is The Training Delivered?

The registration information and tutorials available inside the secure members’ area, which you get immediate access to once you complete your order.

What are the usage rights?

Plug and Play Journals comes with personal usage rights. You can create and sell content for yourself. You can also allow a virtual assistant to use Plug and Play Journals on your behalf.

If you would like to offer this as a service to others, where you create content for others to sell, we do offer a developer's license after purchase. The personal use license does not cover this.

Is this a one time payment?

While there no monthly fees, we're committed to keeping Plug and Play Journals updated MINIMALLY for the next 2 years at no additional charge to you. 

Will this work with Pages and/or Keynote for Mac? 

Yes and no. The software will not directly export Pages or Keynote file types. Plug and Play Journals will export your content to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint only. You can open those files in Pages or Keynote (command-click and choose "open with"), but the formatting may not appear exactly as expected.

What Our Customers Say...

Let Us Give You 5 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Plug and Play Journals Today

Automate The Heavy Lifting

If there’s one thing you’re going to need to succeed it’s having the ability to automate repetitive tasks. By tapping into the power of Plug and Play Journals most of the hard work is already done. 

Low Content Publishing Profits Made Easy

If you sell any type of low content items, (printables, worksheets, journals, etc.) then you’ll absolutely lovePlug and Play Journals. It’s true, where it might have taken you hours to create one of these items, you’ll now be able to create the same item in mere minutes.

This way you can spend more time on promoting your low content publishing business than just creating low content items.

Tap Into The Massive Publishing Marketplace

But when you tap into the power of Plug and Play Journals you can start to create a ton of various content items very fast. From books, journals, and more!

Even if you’re just getting started today, Plug and Play Journalswill help you level the playing field in no time!

Create Passive Income

Every single month you could collect royalties from all of your content items you have available. All it takes is just for you to follow a proven workflow.

Just imagine having 20 or 30 journals all earning you $5 to $10 a day each or more. Then imagine adding more items every single month that bring more revenue. Before long, you could be looking at revenue that snowballs into true passive income!

Dominate Multiple Marketplaces

While everyone talks about the power of the Amazon marketplace, you should also know that there is a ton of profits to be made over at Etsy too. Etsy is the perfect place to sell all kinds of Journals, and more.

Click Below To Start Creating Your Content Publishing Empire Today!

Plug and Play Journals

Listen,we can’t begin to tell you how much of a content generating machine you’re about to become. Others will wonder what’s your secret. They’ll try to figure out how you’re producing so much content so quickly.

You’ll start creating so much content quickly that it will make your head spin!

But you can’t do that if you’re not on board. And the only way to truly tap into the power of plug and play journals is by taking action today.

Amy Harrop

Debbie Drum

p.s. This is an incredible deal!! Nearly all the work is done for you! All you have to do is upload your content, click a few buttons, download, and publish.